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project t.h.i.c.k.

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 Men and women of all shapes and sizes needed for feature film
documentary, Project THICK

This Documentary will focus on the raw truth about our body image &
self awareness.

Our goal is to bring to light the self doubt & self inflicted pain as
well as the body shaming & bullying brought on by others. Tell your
truth so that we may all recognize our own part in ending this cycle
of unrealistic standards.

Have fun and work in a fun safe and legit environment.

Must be:
- At least 18 years of age
- Must have curves (Size 4 and over)
- Must be passionate about this
- Must not be afraid of trying new things

Girls who are a size 0-4 with curves will be considered as well.
Men and women of all ages are more than welcomed to apply. 

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Project Thick aims to empower & educate all of us through telling our story. 

We are looking for strong individuals of all shapes, sizes, genders, race & orientations who are sick of being shamed & harassed for who they are! 

Be part of the movement by sharing your experiences & helping our society overcome this age of bullying one another because we are different . 

Celebrate Size Equality, Stop Slut Shaming & Encourage Mental Health Through Self Love. 

No more “walks of shame” or cat calls in the street! 

Our stories & Our Truth will be heard. 

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